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Motivating students to achieve academic and career success


What Clients Say!



"Toni captivated our audience! She brought a powerful message that helped motivate our students."

- Stephen Churn, I Am College Organization

"The students loved her presentation. Toni also took the time out to personally engage students that requested a more personal setting in a small group session."

- Dr. Asha Brewer, Temple Fit

“Toni met the kids at their level. Even as an educator I gleamed a lot of information.”

Marilyn Proctor, Lincoln High School

































Antionette "Toni" Mutcherson, MBA, is a motivational speaker, author of 6 children's books, CEO of BFF Publishing House, and founder of the My Young Life Matters Initiative. She has inspired countless youth to read and fall in love with literature, as well as write and publish their own books! Toni also offers book writing workshops, and she is a Certified Financial Education Instructor teaching financial literacy to teens.

Signature Keynote!



Package, Present, Persevere.


Every student wants success, but today’s students are distracted. Significant time and energy is spent on social media and fitting in with one’s peers. Self-worth is increasingly defined by “likes.” Influencers have changed how students view their futures, and whether school matters. Academic stress and expectations are at all-time highs. Students feel overwhelmed, while others simply want to know how to discover their path.


This dynamic and entertaining presentation helps students get fired up about their success. Coupling her love for education with fun real-life examples, Toni teaches students how to package themselves, present themselves, and persevere towards their goals. She reignites academic interest in students and reminds them of the importance of school - demonstrating how reading, writing, and knowledge is central to every career endeavor... even celebrities and influencers.  As a result, students gain valuable skills to dream big and get set up for success.




  • Renewed interest in school and education

  • Tools to prepare for career success

  • How to stay focused and develop personal leadership

  • Power of perseverance and how to keep a positive mindset

  • Increased motivation to dream big and set goals




  • Middle/High Schools

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Educators and Parents




  • Book Writing Workshops 

  • Financial Literacy for Teens

  • Custom Talks by Request

  • *Virtual Presentations Available!




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