My Young Life Matters II: 
100 Black American Children Authors Initiative 

As an adult, it’s difficult to process what’s going on right now in America—imagine how our children must feel. Where is their outlet? BFF Publishing House is excited to announce our “My Young Life Matters” platform for Black American children to express themselves, learn the art of storytelling, and become children authors while doing so with the My Young Life Matters initiative. The goal of the My Young Life Matters Initiative is to publish 100 Black American children as they share their feelings and thoughts about police brutality and social injustice FOR FREE.

We want to publish Black children across the nation! We have 100 spots for children from all over the country ages 6 to 17 years old to express their thoughts and opinions, to re-imagine, and to challenge existing social structures during ouone hour virtual writing class. Our initiative also serves to increase literacy rates among children in marginalized communities that may not otherwise have the opportunity to become award-winning authors.

Recently, BFF Publishing House Founder, Antionette "Toni" Mutcherson presented a TEDx Talk published in 2020 about the importance of childhood literacy. After conducting thorough research on the literacy rates amongst children for her TEDx Talk, “One Mom’s Quest to Save her Child From Youtube,” Toni felt obligated to not only become more of an advocate for childhood literacy, but also to become an activist to make a change in the way we approach children and reading. Through her company, BFF Publishing House, and with your partnership, together we can cultivate a literacy program for school-aged students that mirrors the enthusiasm and success that young Youtube vloggers have mastered when creating digital content for their target market of children.

  • 1 in 4 children in America grows up without learning how to read.

  • Students who don't read proficiently by the 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of school.

  • The Cost of illiteracy is $1 trillion dollars to the global economy.

It is mind-boggling that even in 2021, our skin color is reason enough for us to be treated differently—even killed—AND that our Black children are not all readers. BFF Publishing House is making strides to offset the above statics, starting with the children in our community.


As a minority-owned independent publishing house, we are dedicated wholly to the appreciation and publication of African-American children and adults for the advancement of diversification in literature. BFF Publishing House was founded by Award-Winning Author, Antionette “Toni” Mutcherson, MBA.


Toni credits her mother and school teachers for planting the seed of reading and writing in her as an elementary-age student. Life has come full circle now that Toni volunteers, facilitates workshops, and speaks at schools across the country.

All of the best stories include a hero/shero that saves the day. With you as our Sponsor, each of our children authors will have the opportunity to write their happy ending and change the trajectory of their lives because of your kindness. With a minimum contribution of $500.00, your generosity will sponsor one child's publishing, materials, and other expenses. The more you give, the more children we can impact!


For inclusion in this life-changing initiative, we respectfully request a commitment to one of the following packages:  


Zora Neale Hurston Sponsor $500.00 
Includes name or business logo in the 100 Black American Children's Author Book. Both digital and print.


Langston Hughes Sponsor $1,500.00 
Includes name or business logo in the 100 Black American Children's Author Book, both digital and print. It also includes a printed copy of the 100 Black Children's Book Author Book.


Toni Morrison Sponsor $5,000.00
Includes name or business logo in the 100 Black American Children's Author Book, both digital and print. It also includes a printed copy of the 100 Black Children's Book Author Book and tickets to the book award ceremony.



With your contribution each child will receive: 

Poetry Writing E-course $250
Narrative Writing E-course $250
Mental Health Workbook $45.00
Title as an Award-Winning Author & Award $150.00
How to Secure the Children’s Bookbag E-book $10.00
Commemorative  Copy of the 100 Authors Books Children’s Book $29.99
1-hour Writing Consultation $125.00


Value $859.99 

*The book award ceremony will take place in the winter of 2021, in Atlanta, Ga. More details to come or virtually depending on the status of Covid-19.

100 African American Children's Author
2022 Application

To be considered or to have your child considered as one of our 100 African American Children's Book Author please complete the following survey based on age TODAY! Space is limited.


Once you have completed the survey, please email a one-page double-spaced writing sample (preferably a poem) based on the subject that you selected (Black empowerment, social injustice, or police brutality) to More information will be provided once we receive your application.