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My Great Can't Wait Entrepreneurial Starter Kit: 


Let your award-winning bestselling author now become an entrepreneur! Your child can create his or her own bag by selling copies of their My Young Life Matter book to their friends and family. This entrepreneurial starter kit will give your child something fun to do and rack in dough while doing so! 


The My Great Can't Wait Enterpernuer Starter kit Includes:


24 Copies of MYLM

Includes shipping 


  • Pitch 

  • Prepare

  • Promote

  • Profit

Investment $249.00

Retail: $25 or $30 per book

Profit: $600 - $249.00=$351 (when sold for $25 per book) or

              $720 - $249.00 = $471 (when sold for $30per book).


My Great Can't Wait Entrepreneurial Starter Kit


  • Shipping: 10-12 business days.

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