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Twelve co-authors — Queen Bohannon, Sharron Cross, Ebonee Debrah, Toyin Fadina, Cannella Mutcherson-Jefferies, La'Dreauna Johnson, Jessica Lumpkin, Antionette Mutcherson, Lexie Mutcherson, Ranika Rashawn, Ashley N. Williams, and Charyl M. Williams—share their faith walk during some of the most difficult times of their lives. Phenomenal Faith: Here Because I Was Healed is an all-woman anthology that follows twelve different Black women's personal stories of activating their faith in the face of extreme adversity.

Some of the topics that they explore are miscarriage, depression, teen pregnancy, rape, sexual abuse, losing a parent, divorce, discrimination, suicide, waiting on God, and career challenges. Through it all, they lean on God’s unchanging hand as He lights their paths to restoration.

This book is perfect for anyone struggling with their belief or wanting to strengthen their faith. These twelve chapters are sure to encourage and inspire you to release and radiate your inner phenomenal faith!

Phenomenal Faith

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